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Leadership Coaching

Are you new to leadership and want to start out in a way that will bring success? Do you want to develop different skills as a leader to impact your team? Have you experienced ineffective, ‘old style’ leadership, and want to offer something more relevant for those you lead? Are you curious about EQ and how it impacts your ability to lead? Have you learned what you can control and what is not within your control?

Be the leader others want to follow

Exceptional leadership is a commitment you make to those you lead. As Richard Branson says, “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” Learn about servant leadership, positive leadership, and compassionate leadership to take your team, your business and yourself to a new level. Develop the courage and compassion to be a phenomenal leader.

You will develop leadership skills that serve those you lead, and provide a culture in which employees feel valued, appreciated, trusted, and inspired. You will learn about yourself and the barriers and challenges preventing you from becoming a more impactful leader.



"During leadership coaching, Jordan helped me navigate an extremely difficult relationship with my co-leader at work. I learned about emotional intelligence, which led to a better understanding of my triggers and reactions. I was then able to adjust my approach, which was very successful." 


—  LK

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