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Individual Life Coaching

Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward in your life? Do you have goals and dreams, but struggle to believe you have what it takes to achieve them? Are you immobilized by limiting beliefs? Have you resigned yourself to a life that is unfulfilling and leaves you feeling defeated or depressed?

Individual life coaching program

Are your relationships less than satisfying? Want to move past the past? Feeling like you're not enough?

Life coaching focuses on improving the present and creating the future, rather than rehashing the past. By the use of inquiry, reflection and introducing tools and techniques, life coaching with me can help you change your story and transform your life. 

 My experience as a psychotherapist and life coach is a powerful combination.  You can expect to be challenged to trust your own knowing, and you will reach much higher levels of fulfillment, mindfulness, belief in yourself, satisfaction, and joy.  



"In the time I have been working with Jordan, I have purchased my own home, received 2 promotions at work, and successfully restructured my relationship. I would not have had the confidence to even apply for the promotions prior to life coaching. I have acquired new skills, dramatically improved many areas of my life, have gained a greater understanding of myself, and am living a happier, healthier life." 

—  DN

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