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Become the person you are meant to be.

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Individual Life

Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward in your life? Do you struggle with achieving your goals and dreams?



Do you want to develop different skills as a leader to impact your team? Are you new to leadership and trying to find your style?

Course for Women

Do you need more self-confidence? Struggle with self-love and self-acceptance? Are you hardest on yourself?


Meet Jordan

Certified Holistic Life Coach

My purpose and passion is assisting you on your transformational journey toward crushing your goals, removing blocks to your success, gaining amazing self-confidence, identifying and changing limiting beliefs, and developing leadership skills that will best serve those you lead.  It is an honor for me to witness you becoming all that you are meant to be.


I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in psychology, and I worked for several years as a psychotherapist before beginning my career in corporate human resources.


As someone who has listened for a living for 30 years, and engaged in continuous learning, I am able to offer expertise and wisdom to my clients.  I am a certified Holistic Life Coach and have received training from an ICF life and leadership coach. 

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How I can help you

Conquer Fears and 

 Remove Barriers

Create Your
Best Life

Elevate Your 


Become an Inspiring Leader

This course [empowerment course for women] changed my entire life and the life and future of my son. I learned so much about negative vs. positive self-talk as well as recognizing my positive attributes and getting rid of the negatives. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jordan and this course!

 — SW

In the time I have been working with Jordan [as my life coach], I have purchased my own home, received 2 promotions at work, and successfully restructured my relationship. I would not have had the confidence to even apply for the promotions prior to life coaching. I have acquired new skills, dramatically improved many areas of my life, have gained a greater understanding of myself, and am living a happier, healthier life.

— DN

During leadership coaching, Jordan helped me navigate an extremely difficult relationship with my co-leader at work. I learned about emotional intelligence, which led to a better understanding of my triggers and reactions. I was then able to adjust my approach, which was very successful.

 — LK

"Everything you want

is on the other side

of fear." 

- Jack Canfield 

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